Fall 2017

All Classes Offered In Person and Online!

Baptist History and Practice CLL1113
Taught by Micheal Summers. Starts August 15; 6-9 pm. Held at NMBF offices.

3 hours. This course is a study of Baptist origins, development, doctrines, confessions, polity, leaders, and current trends. This course emphasizes the history and state of Southern Baptist (SBC) life relative to the cultural context of the Advance/CLD center offering the course.

Intermediate Old Testament CLS 2100
Taught by David McConkey. Starts August 15; 6-9 pm. Held at the CBA offices.

An intermediate level course that builds upon CLS 1114, Old Testament Survey, designed to further the student’s competency in exegesis and understanding the content, background and message of the Old Testament. This will be done through the select examination of one representative book from each of the three division of the Hebrew canon of the Old Testament: Torah, Prophets and Writings. Prerequisite: CLS 1114, Old Testament

Ministry Foundations CLP 1111
Taught by John Torrison. Starts August 17; 6-9 pm. Held at CBA offices.

3 hours. An entry course designed to assist students developing the necessary personal, spiritual and ministerial foundations for lifelong ministry. Students will engage in assessment of their gifts and passions in ministry and will encounter some basic approaches to effective ministry, such as strategic, financial and physical planning for ministry; communication and relational skills; and team and staff building.

Introduction to Preaching (Communicating the Gospel) CLP 1411
Taught by Dr. Kevin Glen. Starts August 21; 6-9 pm. Held at Calvary Baptist, Las Cruces

3 hours. This course covers planning, preparation, and presentation skills in preaching and teaching with an emphasis on learning by doing. It also covers learning styles, how to preach and teach for transformation, and how to communicate to different age groups and cultures.

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