Fall 2016

Ministry Foundations   CLP 1111

3 hours. An entry course designed to assist students developing the necessary personal, spiritual, and ministerial foundations for life-long ministry. Students will engage in assessment of their gifts and passions in ministry and will encounter some basic approaches to effective ministry such as strategic, financial, and physical planning for ministry; communication and relational skills; and team and staff building.

Communicating the Gospel: Preaching & Teaching that Transforms   CLP1411

3 hours. This course covers planning, preparation, and presentation skills in preaching and teaching with an emphasis on learning by doing. It also covers learning styles, how to preach and teach for transformation, and how to communicate to different age groups and cultures.

Missions, Evangelism and Church Planting   CLI1351

3 hours.  This course covers an understanding of the church as sent by Christ into a lost world and as the church sending itself and its members out into the world locally and globally. It entails a brief history of missions, NAMB (North American Mission Board) and IMB (International Mission Board), and current missiology. Central to the course is how to lead others to Christ and to teach others to do likewise. Various types of evangelism and their effectiveness in different contexts will be discussed and personal and group plans for evangelism will be developed. It covers the basics and various methods of when and how to start new churches.


Spring 2017

Old Testament Survey   CLS1114

3 hours. This course is a foundational introduction to the content, background, interpretations, and critical studies of the Old Testament, with a survey and study of each of the books of the Old Testament.

New Testament Survey   CLS1314

3 hours.   An introduction to the background, content, careful examination and interpretation of the New Testament.

Christian Theology Introduction   CLL1212

3 hours.  An introduction to Christian theology, surveying the doctrines of Christ, Salvation, the Spirit, the Church, and Eschatology including an additional focus on the ethical implications of Christian thought and practice.


Islamic Worldview and Culture   I2129

2 hours.  A course dealing with the origin and the historic and contemporary significance of Islam that focuses on the teachings of the Qur’an, religious beliefs and practices, and the best methods of transformational engagement to the Muslim person nationally and internationally


Islam   I2231

2 hours.  A course dealing with the origin and the historic and contemporary significance of Islam. It will focus on the teachings of the Qur’an and the best methods of witness to the Muslim person in the U.S. and overseas.