Fall 2018

All Classes Offered In Person and Online!

Click the class meeting location for a map. The CBA and Baptist Foundation offices are in the same building.

CLS 1314- New Testament Survey

Taught by John Loudat
Class begins on August 16 (Thursdays) 6:00–9:00pm at CBA Office

3 Credit Hours. An introduction to the background, content, careful examination, and interpretation of the New Testament.

CLL 1111- Church History

Taught by Micheal Summers
Class begins August 14 (Tuesdays) 6:00–9:00pm at NM Baptist Foundation Office

3 Credit Hours. This course presents an overview of the history of Christianity from the Patristic period to the current age of Global Christianity with the purpose of providing insights into the past that will enhance the student’s growth in ministry leadership in the present and future.

CLI 1351- Missions, Evangelism & Church Planting

Taught by Scott Wilson
Class begins on August 20 (Mondays) 6:30–9:30pm at BCNM Office

3 Credit Hours. This course covers an understanding of the church as sent by Christ into a lost world and as the church sending itself and its members out into the world locally and globally. It entails a brief history of missions, NAMB (North American Mission Board) and IMB (International Mission Board), and current missiology. Central to the course is how to lead others to Christ and to teach others to do likewise. Various types of evangelism and their effectiveness in different contexts will be discussed and personal and group plans for evangelism will be developed. It covers the basics and various methods of when and how to start new churches.

Spring 2019

(Proposed Classes: course offerings may change.)

Introduction to Christian Theology – CLL 1212
Pastoral Ministries – CLP 1511
Communicating the Gospel – CLP 1411

For more information or to register, please contact Barbara Long, Registrar at 505-243-2707 or click here to email her.